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As a Guest, PRICES & the ADD TO CART BUTTON will remain hidden. This isn’t because we don’t like you. We love you. Without you we wouldn’t exist. This is because DezLin currently only sells to Wholesale Buyers and Business Owners. These Wholesale Buyers and Business Owners purchase large quantities of goods every order

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  • One of the largest Oysters and Pendant suppliers in the nation
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  • One stop shop with access to 1,000+ products and growing daily
  • A friendly facebook community of friendly business owners like yourself to help one another
  • Free Live Giveaways with gifts you won’t believe we giveaway

We don’t want your trust. We want to earn your trust. And we do so by being honest, courteous, respectful, and giving 100% customer service day in and day out no matter how big or small your company is

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  • Be a part of our Monthly Facebook Live Client Appreciation Giveaways where we giveaway a lot of cool stuff like: Certified Coach purses, $50-75+ gift cards, 3+ Gift bags valued over $50 each, Viewer giveaways, and more. By the way, these are the type of gifts we give away in EVERY SHOW. This is our way to show our appreciation for trusting your business with us
  • We also have an exciting new Members Rewards Programs coming soon
AND there will be free in-depth articles, blogs, and tutorial videos coming soon on:
  • Business growth and development related topics
  • Facebook Live advice
  • Detailed information, advice, and guidance on product buying & researching
  • How to start a business
  • How to build your very own e-commerce site
  • and many more topics to come

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