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Collection #6 Sterling Silver Ring Bomb with Rhodium Coating

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RHODIUM PLATED: MAJOR SELLING POINT These are Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver. Rhodium is more precious and expensive than Sterling with several added advantages
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Rust & Tarnish Resistant
  • Makes the Jewelry stronger and creates a polished shine
  • Hypoallergenic which means it is great for anyone with Silver allergies
  • Learn more. Scroll down to the Rhodium Description

QUALITY TESTING All rings are tested with a Thermo Scientific portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, installed with a Thermo Scientific AuDIT gold-plating detection technology

RING SIZES The actual exact measurement of each ring may vary just as in shoes, pants, and shirts. One size 7 might be a +/- 1/8-1/2 of an inch smaller or bigger. When trying on rings please take into account the time of day and hand swelling

RHODIUM PLATING Rhodium Plating is used to hide imperfections and adds a higher sheen value to the silver. Rhodium is also stronger than either silver and gold and creates a protective coat that shields the jewelry from scratches. One of Rhodium's greatest advantages is it does not tarnish and requires no procedural cleaning rituals. Rhodium plating is perfect for anyone allergic to silver, as it protects from direct contact.


  1. Are the rings Sterling Silver .925?
  2. Are they sized? or are they adjustable?
  3. What guarantees do you offer?
  4. How often do you change your styles?
  5. How can I request a specific stone color?
  6. Why do some rings cost just as much as your ring bombs?
  1. All rings are Sterling Silver (.925)
  2. All rings are sized. Adjustable sizing will be available in a different product line if not already available
  3. We stand behind every product. If you have an issue let us know
  4. DezLin is always looking for and adding in new styles
  5. You may write a note in the customer notes section at checkout requesting a color but we have no guarantees on stone color. This keeps the price down because we do not have to carry a massive stock of inventory, which lowers your price. If we do not have the color, a random color style will be sent
  6. Some styles cost more than others. And when placed in the bombs the cost is averaged out.
IN-DEPTH ANSWER FOR #6 Ring Bombs and Product reveals, in general, rely on the ability to average out the cost of the product based on mid to higher-tiered pricing. What some companies do is lure you in with high-priced items but in reality, only put a couple of high price products in them. Not with DezLin. We do an even balance of mid to high-tiered pricing of products in our product reveals. Additionally, Ring Bombs have added costs such as Labor, Materials, Wastage, etc.