Gemmers Smiley Faces filled with Gems (Must Read Description)

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WHAT YOU GET: (please read carefully)

  • You will receive 1 Smiley Face in various colors
  • Inside each Gemmer will be approximately 3-5+ Carats in Gemstones or 2+ Gemstones
  • Possibility of Hidden Surprises

-List of possible surprises in addition to the number of Gems you receive which are hidden inside random Gemmers

  • Diamond Ring (read below for details)
  • Diamond Studs(read below for details)
  • Diamond Earrings (read below for details)
  • Edison Pearls
  • Star Pearls
  • Flower Pearls


  • Inside random Gemmers, we have placed a pill capsule which has a note, containing a code word. Simply let us know the code word and we will give you the password to the prize you have won.
  • In case you sell Gemmers directly to your customer, need not worry. In the message, it states for them to contact you to claim their prize which is a bag of loose gems with 10+ carats.
  • And the message will have nothing to do with DezLin. So again, do not worry about them discovering who we are. DezLin will be listed nowhere
  • Happy Mining

-All gems are tested with professional grade testers and scales to ensure every gem is real. We send back all fake gems and deal with PayPal disputes so you don’t have to

-Comes in various mixed gemstone colors

-Perfect for spicing up Live Shows

-Break them apart with jewelers or soft rubber hammer or another striking tool carefully. Light taps until the Gemmer starts to crack and break apart. The point of these is to engage the audience and experience mining stones for gems

These are 100% Natural Gemstones. These are not man-made, lab-grown, or hydro gemstones.

These DezLin Gemstones are Double AA+ quality and meticulous work went into sourcing the styles, cuts, sizes, and variations in gemstones to provide you with the best value for your money.


Carats is a unit of measurement for weight

Please purchase a Gemstone scale if you desire to know the exact weight of each Gemstone

Within these Gemmers, you will receive a variety of 13 Gemstones with the possibility of surprise Diamonds, Rubies, and more. The names are below. Each Gemstone comes in various colors, styles, cuts, and sizes.

Green Amethyst
Carnelian or Red Onyx (same stone, different name)
Green Onyx
Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Topaz
Lemon Topaz or Natural Quartz (same stone, different name)
Smokey Topaz
White Topaz or Crystal Quartz (same stone, different name)

Pear Shape
5x8mm 6x8mm 7x9mm 8x12mm 10x14mm

OVAL Shape
6x8mm 7x5mm 7x9mm 8x10mm 10x12mm

Square Shape
5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm

Round Shape
5.5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm

Trillion Shape
6mm 7mm 8mm

Octagon Shape
6x8mm 7x5mm 7x9mm 8x10mm 10x12mm

Cushion Shape
5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm

The value of Gemstones is difficult to nail down. They are similar to that of selling art. The value is based upon the end user. The value of Natural Gemstones is made more difficult since there is a finite amount of them in the world, so as they become rarer, the more in value they become.

Even more difficult is the value of Gemstone Mix lots. The value is dependent upon how the buyer sells the Gemstones. If a buyer were to purchase the mix and turn around and sell the entirety of the mix the value would be less. If the buyer were to buy the mix and sell the Gemstones individually the value would be much greater.

If a buyer were to mount the Gemstones to jewelry the value would become greater becaus

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Weight 4.0 oz

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