Large Freshwater Natural Color Baby Pearl Oyster

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  • A Very Large Freshwater Shell Oyster with Natural Colored Pearls
  • The number of pearls can vary greatly. There is no guarantee on the number of pearls. The shell pictured had 34 pearls in it. Others have had 28 or 40+ or less.
  • Please understand this is a Natural Oyster pulled from the ocean. Pearls are not placed inside this oyster
  • No guarantees on sizes of pearls. You may get larger than a regular-sized baby pearl which typically ranges between 3-5mm
  • Please search through all the meat of the side oyster to discover all the pearls.


These are natural color pearls. Please understand color will vary as these are natural pearls colored by nature.


Currently, there are two major grading scales: the AAA to A scale and the A to D scale.

We use the AAA to A Scale

Sellers who attempt to use ANY OTHER grading scale system (such as “”AAAA”” or “”AAA+””) should be an immediate warning sign that they are not a reputable pearl company. This is nothing more than a sketchy marketing scheme to create the appearance of a higher quality pearl. The highest industry grade standard is AAA, anything else is a cheap attempt to trick the buyer. In reality, their “”AAAA”” is either an equivalent “”AAA”” or in our experience, “”AA”” or an even lower quality

The use of “”AAAA”” and “”AAA+”” should be seen as bad taste and in the reputable pearl world is regarded as being distasteful and dishonest of companies to market. Companies using this marketing tactic simply want to charge more for a product without any increase in their product quality


Grade AA may have blemishes and are not exactly round. Discoloration may occur

Grade AAA roundness is more exact and contains more luster with almost zero blemishes and fading of coloring.


1. Possibility of Dry Oysters

Due to higher temperatures in certain areas and during transportation, there is always a possibility of oysters drying up in transit. Please understand, a dry oyster is no indication of the quality of the pearl inside

Additionally, manufacturers have been injecting less liquid inside of oysters in order to save on shipping costs. This is an industry-wide change DezLin has no control over. We request on every purchase order to add more liquid

2. Possible Odor

Please understand, oysters will always have a scent to them and some have a stronger scent than others. This is the nature of the product. A stronger scent is in no way a reflection of the quality of the pearl inside and is not a reason for return/refund. Always store oysters in a cool, dry space to prevent spoilage

3. Do your oysters have Formaldehyde?

Yes & No

Saltwater oysters like Akoyas and Red Shells do not contain formaldehyde

It is an industry-standard, which DezLin has no control over, for Freshwater oysters to contain a minimal amount of formaldehyde diluted with water, no matter who you buy them from. The formaldehyde is used to help keep the shell sealed. Please take precautions if you are sensitive to the substance”


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