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Freshwater: Twins (Same Color) (2 Pearls) (6-8mm) (Grade 4A)

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  • 1 Twin Pearl Freshwater Round Oyster with 2 Same Color 7-8mm Pearls (Grade 4A)
  • These are great for matching sets of earrings or jewelry pieces like a ring and pendant


List of possible colors you may receive below. Please understand colors can and may fluctuate depending on what is in stock. We receive new variations of the same colors and/or new colors so often it is difficult to maintain the database. Duplicates may occur

Rest assured. The colors are gorgeous.
    • Metallic Copper
    • Metallic Lilac Purple
    • Metallic Rose Gold
    • Metallic Gun Metal Blue
    • Metallic Earthy Green
    • Metallic Periwinkle
    • Metallic Blue Steel
    • Metallic Red Orange
    • Metallic Gold
    • Metallic Forest Green
    • Metallic Yellow
    • Gun Metal Gray
    • Blue
    • Bronze
    • Blueish Teal
    • Magenta
    • Deep Coral
    • Lime Green
    • Midnight Blue
    • Southern Belle Yellow
    • Silver
    • Midnight Purple
    • Midnight Green
    • Hot Pink
    • Red Wine
    • Purple
    • Salmon Orange


Currently, there are two major grading scales: the 3A to 1A scale and the A to D scale. There is another scale which is the 4A to 1A. Previously, we used the 3a to 1A Scale. We have had to change over to the 4A scale because many people were becoming confused. Let us explain.

Many do not understand the grading system, so they would see our Grade 3A and the price and they would see another companies 3A and think we were outrageously expensive, when in reality our Grade 3A was a higher quality because our Grade 3A was the other companies Grade 4A. Confusing right? Let us elaborate more.

Over the years, sellers started labeling their oysters as 4A when 3A was the highest. This would make customers think their pearls were higher quality when in reality they were the exact same as a legitimate companies 3A. It was nothing more than a sketchy marketing scheme to create the appearance of a higher quality pearl. This marketing tactic has now become so prevalent, companies all over the world have had to adjust.

There, see, no longer confusing right? If it is, don’t worry. Just know that we are not trying any sort of marketing ploy. We always maintain a trustworthy, honest, and straightforward policy with our products.

Grade 3A VS 4A: 

Grade 3A may have blemishes and are not exactly round. Discoloration may occur

Grade 4A roundness is more exact and contains more luster with almost zero blemishes and fading of coloring.


1. Possibility of Dry Oysters

Due to higher temperatures in certain areas and during transportation, there is always a possibility of oysters drying up in transit. Please understand, a dry oyster is no indication of the quality of the pearl inside

Additionally, manufacturers have been injecting less liquid inside of oysters in order to save on shipping cost. This is an industry-wide change DezLin has no control over. We request on every purchase order to add more liquid

2. Possible Odor

Please understand, oysters will always have a scent to them and some have a stronger scent than others. This is the nature of the product. A stronger scent is in no way a reflection of the quality of the pearl inside and is not a reason for return/refund. Always store oysters in a cool, dry space to prevent spoilage

3. Do your oysters have Formaldehyde?

Yes & No

Saltwater oysters like Akoyas and Red Shells do not contain formaldehyde

It is an industry-standard, which DezLin has no control over, for Freshwater oysters to contain a minimal amount of formaldehyde diluted with water, no matter who you buy them from. The formaldehyde is used to help keep the shell sealed. Please take precautions if you are sensitive to the substance