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So, you have some questions needing answers huh? Like...

  • Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? 
  • If you have a cold hot pocket, is it just a pocket?
  • Is an out of order escalator just stairs? 

Well luckily we aren't responsible for answering life's most pondering questions. We get the easy stuff. Like...

  • When will my order arrive? 
  • How long before my wholesaler account will be approved?
  • Do you have Pepsi blue pearls?

Much easier questions to answer right? Yes, and we will answer those and many, many, many, many, many more. Keep checking 

In the meantime, enjoy what we have answered and please submit any FAQs you would like answered in the comments below


Yes, we combine all yet to be shipping orders into one package if possible to reduce shipping cost. However if an order arrives while we are packing in the afternoon we cannot guarantee it will be shipped in the same package. 

Short answer: 90% of the time it is between $3-$18

Longer answer: Minimum shipping cost is $3 and ranges depending on size and weight. As stated above 90% of our orders are between $3-$18. Shipping cost for overnight range around $25

Yes you can please message us on facebook or [email protected]

Orders typically ship same day if purchased before 11:00am PST (pacific standard time) AND shipping invoice is paid by 3:00pm PST (pacific standard time). If received after your order might be processed same day, however it is dependent upon the amount of orders received and if the shipping has been paid for. Otherwise, it will be shipped the following day, excluding Sundays & Holidays

Not as of yet. Currently we are not set up to ship out of the country but we have plans to start selling and shipping internationally

Yes, however, USPS may not be available in all areas.  Please visit USPS and use their calculator to see if your area has overnight and the rough estimate.


Our zip code is 95240

All overnight orders must be made by 9:00am pacific standard time. Overnight needs to be at Post Office by 11:30am.

Ah yes, your tracking info. This can be find in your ORDER COMPLETED email confirmation or your SHIPPING INVOICE  or ORDER INVOICE located in your MY ACCOUNTS page under ORDERS. 

First check your email and you spam for a DEZLIN: ORDER COMPLETED email. The tracking # should be listed on the invoice. If it is not for some reason or you are unable to find the email please visit DezLin.com and LOGIN

Then in your MYACCOUNTS > ORDERS section you’ll need to find either

  1.  The order invoice in question or
  2. The Shipping invoice

Open them and you should be able to locate it inside one of them. If not then it might be possible there is a glitch. The emails can be finicky. That’s just a fact. If so please contact us

PAYMENTS- coming soon

REFUNDS- coming soon

RETURNS- coming soon


  1. double check the package in nooks and corners and crevices
  2. ask your significant other if they might have put it somewhere. No seriously, this happens more often then you think
  3. check the trash where you threw your packaging away
  4. make sure everything is opened. Sometimes when jewelry is packed it could appear like just packaging
  5. check to see if your dog, cat, or pet pig didn’t grab it and take it to their special place. No, seriously
  6. double check your order and make sure the item missing was ordered. Sometimes the item missing was bought from another company

If after running through all these steps then let’s talk. We strive to ensure all orders are checked before shipping. Human error may occur however and in this case please contact with via email, Facebook messenger phone call, or facebook messages regarding the item/items missing. We will do everything to resolve it as quick as possible. 

Yes, we combine all yet to be shipping orders into one package if possible to reduce shipping cost. However if an order arrives while we are packing in the afternoon we cannot guarantee it will be shipped in the same package. 


No, unless the product is sold by packs. DezLin Wholesale feels having no minimums will give you the business owner an opportunity to purchase variations of items to offer your customer a bigger variety.  Having no minimums empowers business owners of all sizes to grow and expand

No. Everything listed on the DezLin Wholesale site is in stock unless it is out of stock.

All stock quantities are listed. If we are running low on something or you would like more than what we have simply message us and we will work to help you out. 

However, not every system is perfect, so if by chance you place an order, pay, and it ends up being out of stock or we have less then what you are requesting we will contact you immediately. We will talk with you about options and make everything right


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